Florida couple delivering Instacart groceries shot at after driving to wrong address

I tried to strike up conversation with one of my co-workers yesterday about these recent shootings where paranoid people just started shooting. I knew the outcome was not going to be good, but I still have to feel the pulse of those that surround me from time to time.

Told him about the incident where the black teenager was shot three times for ringing the wrong doorbell of the 85 year old with dementia. The guy laughed, thought it was hilarious for some reason I cannot fathom.

Likewise no sympathy for girl pulling into the wrong driveway or the 6 year old girl who had her cheek grazed by a bullet going after her basketball.

He explained that the course he took on the stand your ground laws was all about just making sure you don’t shoot them in the back. Avoiding any blowback on the shooter.

I tried to reason that all the incidents were people who never attempted to enter the home. Did not care and thought the law was on all the shooters side. He then stated as long as these incidents happened in the suburbs or cities he didn’t care and basically wasn’t something that should concern him.

When people comment that conservatives on care about things if it effects them, conversations with my co-workers make me believe that is the reality.

Another co-worker entered the conversation and said every time a black person is shot they just go on tv for the publicity.

Rural America is a lost cause imo and there is no changing their minds.

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