Town official tries to stop Pride by holding up pic of drag queen eating “live, bleeding heart”. "This is something that could have happened in our park!"

I missed all this because I was a little too young and not American, and I'm currently really into d&d... My 70 year old American mother in law is visiting right now and it was my birthday while she was here so my husband bought me a D&D book and to me to see the movie and I've also been watching Critical Role. My husband was really cagey about it and didn't want to mention it in front of his mom, but MIL is usually pretty reasonable so I didn't hide it. She kind of acted like I was juggling live vipers whenever I did anything to do with it. I was so taken aback! I was watching some CR today and I noticed her standing in the doorway while I had it on like she was uncomfortable coming into the room. She didn't have an issue before I told her what it was!

And meanwhile it's just a bunch of fun actors pretending to be a bunch of fun idiots trying to snowboard down a mountain on shields.

If people only paid a little attention to the things being held up as satanic and demonic they'd see how harmless they really are. It's not even like it's the 80s any more, it's real fucking easy to look up what d&d is or check out an episode of Drag Race.

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