A fascist Jesus Christ: MAGA turns Donald Trump into a martyr

It's not polytheism if you worship more than one aspect of the same God!

To be fair, that ship sailed at the council of Nicaea in the 4th century. Not to mention that this set off several centuries of persecution and counter-persecution about how those aspects relate to each other and what word you should use to describe that relation.

Or if they're catholics, they're fans of crusades... really tells you what kind of catholics they are.

Schismatics surely, because the whole thing about being catholic is that you are supposed to follow the accepted dogma and that hasn't included holy wars for over a century or so. AFAIK, the pope even issued official apologies for them at several occasions.

Of all the possible things to like, the music, the latin, the art, they choose the part where a pope for political reasons sanctioned a bunch of people murderin' in the name of God.

Just so. The sad truth is that it's part of human nature: they justify their words and deeds to themselves and others by assembling a faith and a god that condones them. By setting up a god as the origin of ethics and morality they can avoid thinking or debating about both. This is not unique to religion as it also appears in many other radical ideologies where "the end justifies the means", but it is very prevalent in religious thought even in far less extreme examples.

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