Biden Is Winning Over More Democrats Than Obama, Clinton

The Republicans of the last 50 years were conservatives. Conservative ideology is a naturally-losing one, meant to slow changes to the status quo then to adopt them into the status quo and protect them when they win. Conservatives are a necessary element of incrementalism, and usually not a threat to rights that already exist (although they can rarely and temporarily retake ground).

Today's Republicans aren't conservatives, they're reactionaries. Reactionary ideology isn't merely to defend against progress, it's to attack the status quo and make negative progress. It's a naturally-aggressive ideology. Reactionaries are not compatible with incrementalism, and will seek to have their opponents removed by violence or legislation to create a single-party government.

Republicans of the past 50 years have been mostly safe. Conservatives talked a big game, but their job was to play defense, not go on the attack. It's only in the last 7 years, and with the rise of Trump, that they've gone reactionary. Reactionaries are not safe, and our ongoing handling of them has been a disaster.

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