Tucker Carlson Accuses Black Lawmaker of Speaking Like a ‘Sharecropper’ | Carlson leveled a racist rant against Tennessee lawmaker Justin Pearson on Wednesday, criticizing his cadence when speaking

here's the first half of the article:

Following his (temporary) expulsion from the Tennessee House of Representatives, Black lawmaker Justin Pearson told reporters that one could not ignore the “racial dynamic” of Republicans’ efforts to remove him from office.
On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson made those racial undertones explicit, criticizing Pearson for his cadence when speaking, and suggesting that the representative spoke like a “sharecropper” in a racist attack against the Memphis lawmaker.
As the Fox host would tell it, people of color speaking in AAVE or simply not sounding white enough constituted a bizarre form of racial “transitioning.”
Carlson played a clip of a promotional video Pearson had filmed when running for student body president at Bowdoin College, accusing Pearson of cosplaying as a white person. “Justin Pearson wasn’t white — that’s probably how he got into Bowdoin in the first place — but he did a fantastic impression of it. That was the old Justin Pearson, before his ‘transition,’” Carlson said. The Fox host then played a clip of Pearson speaking to a Black congregation.

Not repeating the rest because frankly I feel a stain on my soul doing so, but I will add that Pearson must be making the Right piss their pants, because Matt Walsh was earlier accusing Pearson of "doing blackface" to discredit. Seriously https://www.mediamatters.org/matt-walsh/daily-wires-matt-walsh-accuses-tn-rep-justin-pearson-doing-blackface

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