Who exactly are modern gypsies and why do they have such a bad rep?

I said I'm not going to touch it out of fear. I don't want to get doxxed into oblivion, not opinion. So here goes this account into deletion. Thanks...

Try to openly criticize the following: LGBTQ culture Black culture Disabilities culture Jewish culture

Now try to criticize: Romani culture Islamic culture White culture Chinese culture

What do i think? Culture is archaic and misguided. It was useful a couple thousand years ago when we had to figure out who was going to kill us and who wasn't. In 2020, when the world is clearly just one culture, everything else is just preference. Food, religion, modes of dress, language, morality. It's all subjective and there is no universal anything. You can philosophically debate each of every attribute but even that method (philosophy) is cultural.

Criticizing preference in culture is like criticizing preference in music. It's either all up for debate, or none of it is. We hold fast to culture being something more than it is, for the same reason people hold tight to god.

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