Woman behind me in line filming me on her phone, narrating "I am a line cutter..."

In this situtation you can't never threat the customer saying you're gonna turn off their camera or even touch their dumbphone...Keep your cool, but know what to say next.... I think there are right of privacy laws and moral rights in many states. People can't just film and photograph whoever they want in private property. Walmart is private property, am I right or wrong???? I think is alright if is a TV station filming a story or something newsworthy. But not some asshole with a smartphone filiming you while you say "please don't" and whos probably gonna post all over youtube. Also recording conversations without permission is illegal in a lot of states. I have strong opinions when it comes to this, and I think stores should address this in their training. Another thing, filming a person in a way that is embarassing showing the person in a bad light, and posting to youtube could be a fine line between a bad joke and defamation, but I think people doing this shit don't realize the can get sued....And in my opinion again, I think if an employee asked the customer to stop filming and clearly said they are not giving permission while. the customer laugh on their face, and keep doing it would be the case to get security down there ...What do people think?? That workers are there to be their "entertainment"????? END of Opinions.

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