Women who are told men desire women with larger bodies are happier with their weight - "Results of three independent studies suggest a woman’s body image is strongly linked to her perception of what she thinks men prefer"

I think it is like, a lifetime TV show.

But I just was thinking about shows I watch, and in Mindy project she is not like super fat, but she is quite chubby and she is always dating really fot hot men who are also very successful in their careers,mand that show is about as mainstream as it gets.

I think most of what women think men in general want, comes from an already self selecting group of men who are influenced by commercials etc. so, for the kind of guy that is influenced in that way, hyper-signaling of fertility is extrmely attractive, ie the ridiculous proportions that someome above mentioned. I used to think it was just me, but I have talked to a bunch of my friends, etc., and at least amongst us (again, a self selecting group of guys who already have other similar interests so probably out interests in women's looks might also be similar for non independent reasons) we all prefer girls between around 5'2-5'7, thicker more muscular legs and butt, not super lean, a little tummy is better than the man abs you see on some of these magazines, ie flat tummy, but not all muscular, none of us knew what a gap was before Internet talked about it, and we all prefer bust size of B-C.

Someone posted about broad shoulders, and that is where I differ from my friends, Imactually prefer huge shoulders and just generally a bigger more muscular back. They tended to prefer smaller framed shoulders. I also prefer huge calves on women as well. Anyway, long story short, none of us prefer the long lean look that women seem to so desperately desire.

I do not think most guys do, really. I mean here are body types that are interesting to look at, no doubt, like models and what not, but it is the same for guys woth other guys, we probably look at more men's bodies thumbing through our own fitness magazines than we do female models, to tell you the truth. And by we I mean my friends, acquaintances and I, who Re probably not a set of independent variables so it likely means nothing, lol.

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