Workers built Nordic social democracy through class struggle, not ethnic homogeneity. And we can do the same here.

That's only because ruling class capitalists have an interest in maintaining the idea that we are different because we have different skin colour or are born in a different country. Socialism refuses to stand with this nonsense, nationalism, ethnic or otherwise, if a false consciousness that distracts the work from the fact that there is only one thing that matters: the working class of the world, from the US to China, are united in their exploitation at the hands of the capitalists of the world.

Our enemies are not other nations, not other races, or genders, or anything, our enemies are the capitalists, just as the enemies of revolutionary liberals in the 19th century were the aristocracy.

This reality does not require cultural homogeneity, because capitalism has made sure that the suffering of the working class is homogenous among all cultures of the world.

And because these differences are played up as a means to divide the working class, making them easier to control and exploit, anyone who maintains these divisions are justified is an enemy of the working class, and they will be treated like any other enemy.

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