Worst Event Experiences

Story time!

So there's this woodsoft field I used to regular because it was basically the only half decent field in the area and the only woodsoft field for literally miles around. I never particularly enjoyed going because it was basically grown men who needed to be put back in diapers, running around like they were the Operator Gods.

The second to last game was CTF and my team was basically being worthless, so I took it upon myself to complete the objective. At this point I was hot (got up to 98F that day) and exhausted from tramping back and forth through the woods. I basically drudged through the woods, unaware that I had passed most of the other team as they had thought I was out.

Now I came upon a certain individual and his gang who basically think they run the show because they pour the most money into the field owners shop and the owner lets them get away with some ridiculous things. He asked my team color, but I told him to tell me first. He made the fatal mistake and complied and ended up getting his little fire team killed by me.

Now he starts to go totally ballistic: "How dare I" "Do you know who I am" "I'm former military <explicative>". I tell him to calm his butt down as it's just a game, but he walks up to me and SPRAYS ME IN THE NECK WITH HIS 400+ FPS P* AT LESS THAN 10 FT. He continues to scream at me while blood is dripping down my neck and even his cronies realize he has gone too far.

Luckily, their flag station (where this occurred) was near the staging area and I was able to get to my emergency first aid kit in my car. I left and went to emergency medical where they pulled 12 bbs out of my neck and I was told a few had just barely missed my jugular vein.

It goes without saying that I no longer play there and denounce the field, the owners, and those players, every chance I get.

I am also now the proud owner and advocate of tactical scarves.

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