Would like feedback on this cursed item. Intended party is lvl 7.

If you roll with advantage and roll a high even number and low odd number, can you take the low odd number?

Is it intentional that, because the effects trigger on even numbers, they trigger on a nat 20? Odd numbers might be more appropriate.

Unattuning with wish is a bit redundant as you can just use wish to replicate remove curse

You lose an equivalent to 10 GP


Your weapons gets damaged and needs to be repaired through a smith or smith's tools(DC 12), if a weapon gets damaged 3 times it breaks. A damaged weapon gains a -1 damage modifier.

What’s stopping me destroying the cursed weapon by attacking with it repeatedly until this comes up without ever repairing it? What’s the ability score for the smiths tools check? How long does the repair take?

you feel a ghostly apparition hit you, you take 1d8 damage

Is there no attack roll? If it’s guaranteed damage that’s fine, but “hit” implies an attack roll to me at least. If there is one, specify the bonus. More importantly, what sort of damage? Necrotic would make sense.

That’s the nitpicking, but the main problem with this item is that it’s too cursed. If anyone in your party can cast remove curse, they’ll do so immediately because the curse isn’t worth the benefits. Your item will never be used and will have only wasted your time.

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