Get wrecked...

Cost of living goes both ways but It’s not correct to pay two workers two quite different amounts for the same job. It’s not companies right to say who « needs » more. Why person working from lower standard country deserves less? If nothing, it would lead to increased standard if payed more.

I come from lower standard country as well and Ive heard American companies who offer jobs in data science offer the paychecks super low (based on our country medium salary), low even for standards of data scientist working for local companies. Why accept ~4000 per year when someone working same job locally gets ~100 000 $? Everyone knows how to buy nicer things. This kind of distinction is for me the same as if companies having workers from same countries would give a paycheck based on for example how much children you have - the one that have more need more money no? Maybe not best comparison but in very same direction.

But this is free market. If you offer in other country less money you would have to pay locally, and there are people who want that job because it pays more than local companies or provides opportunity for employment itself which is scarce - who are we to object? Is it fair towards workers in origin country of companies ? Is it fair towards low payed workers offshore ? Well both no, but this is how things work- in entire world.

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