Your TOP 5 Master Brag Songs here.

I don't. It's unnecessarily punitive. You're already keeping score. If you miss a lot of notes, the punishment is a lower score.

For the record, my strong dislike came from the game always starting me at a couple strikes because it doesn't like the way I play the chords at the beginning of Aces High on bass. So I basically can't play my most-played Maiden tune in score attack, because I refuse to change how I play to suit a video game (even one as awesome as this).

Also because note detection is so bad in general that I got no strikes in Holy Diver and you can see how bad my score is there. I don't have it memorized completely, there are a couple changes I only remember because I had just played it at Hard to unlock Master in Score Attack. Meanwhile I can play Aces from memory with my eyes closed.

I don't sweat the scores. Just have fun and rock out is my motto, I have nothing to prove in RS (having the luxury of actually done this for a living back in the 80s/90s).

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