PSA Med Studs: Please dont do this to your patients.

Devils advocate - if after moving to college from high school and med school from college, you couldn't find a support system, that's on you.

Family is one thing. But schools literally provide you with so many resources to be connected with other like minded people and be supported and OP went to both university and med school. These are the most social times of your life where friends are easy to come by due to the nature of school. Did OP just not do anything to put themselves out there? Doubtful considering they're likely type a med student who was involved in ECs extensively. Was it because they're a vain person who exhibits premed stereotypes? Maybe.

If you couldn't set that social support system up after 8 years of school, that is on you. School gave you those options. For people outside academia, I agree that people get screwed with not having a good support system.

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