124 words My(22F) Boss(39M) doesnt let me have an afternoon off between 24hr shitfs so i can get my tubes tied 154 words Those who have been atheists for >10 years - have your opinion about atheism and religion evolved? 134 words My mother in law is driving me insane. 713 words Did you guys know there is actually a significant amount of people that believe in modern day literal witches that can do actual magic? 128 words Norway attack suspect converted to Islam and was suspected of radicalization, police say 140 words Polish government pays over $600 thousand for "Report about persecution of Christians", which is basically a 118 pages long PDF with Facebook memes only 584 words Send me your best Bible contradictions 292 words New York approves COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers, removes religious exemption; they must all be vaccinated by Oct. 7. 302 words Do you believe "Former Atheist" Christians? 168 words Separation of Church and State PLEASE!!! 215 words How could atheism be true of god exists? 174 words My(f15) parents are pulling me out of dance because it's causing dad to "stumble in his walk with God" 148 words Youth pastor arrested for voyeurism after teen boy spots camera hidden in church restroom. Once again, it isn’t the transgender folks acting pervy in the restroom... it’s the evangelical youth pastor. Who woulda thunk it? 174 words Christians really make women feel bad for wanting sex... 253 words Atheists have less free speech than religious groups. 163 words Dad found out about me being an atheist and pansexual today. 152 words i’m a fucking idiot someone explain 233 words That’s it. I’m leaving the new age movement. 143 words [ADVICE] I'm supposedly be a godfather now to someone I don't even know... 119 words Ex wife keeps mentioning “god” to my kid even though we had an agreement not to feed her our ideas about religion.