141 words Nearly half of UK adults think Islam is ‘incompatible’ with British Values 156 words Someone points out that God doesn’t exist, and some brainwashed Christian says “i know you wrote this to look cool but honestly honey, it's not working.” I think that’s a big misconception about atheists. We don’t speak out against religion to “look cool.” We do it because we don’t believe in myths. 114 words Moral relativism and the existence of a creator. 519 words The more I learn about religion, the crazier it is to me that people actually believe these things 133 words Male circumcision needs to be seen as barbaric and unnecessary – just like female genital mutilation 312 words It is so incredibly frustrating as an alcoholic in recovery to go to AA meetings as an atheist. 145 words Ben Shapiro’s world view is the epitome of feelings over facts. 388 words My Perspecitve on Christianity 119 words How can "IN GOD WE TRUST" be printed on the US currency if there is suppose to be a separation between church and state? 384 words Christianity’s Bible and stories about the afterlife might be right in a way 313 words Genuine Reasons As To Why God Exists. 175 words What's the atheist position on right and wrong? 158 words Sick of my father telling me that I'm a catholic 221 words Life Begins at Conception (Except When That’s Inconvenient for Republicans): It’s almost as if abortion bans aren’t actually about “life” at all. 190 words The Washington State Supreme Court has unanimously upheld its previous ruling that Baronelle Stutzman violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing to provide flowers (under the guise of "mUh ReLiGiOnZ") for a gay couple’s wedding in 2013. 172 words As a person who has been saved(Christianity) I am having doubts he is even real. 142 words Questions about atheism. 152 words ‘Unapologetically’ Christian pizza parlor went viral — then its owner got busted for trying to have sex with underage staff 242 words What’s a good atheism primer to pass along to the uncommitted or religious? 112 words For some reason alot of religious people get the idea that religious people are inherently more moral than secular people. I haven't seen a single study to back this up. So I looked. And I found out the exact OPPOSITE was true.