541 words is anyone else like the only atheist/sane person in their lives? 119 words "Texas Senate bill would require schools to display Ten Commandments" - I'm disgusted and intimidated to be a parent in Texas, even in liberal Austin. 147 words A Quick Question Regarding Circumcision? 156 words I’m an atheist who converted to Buddhism after a decade of non-belief, AMA 213 words I founded a new religion to help people circumvent voter suppression laws in the U.S. - AMA! 212 words Is Dawkins transphobic? 193 words "JesUS gets US" campaign 107 words Florida GOP leaders want to get rid of gun permits. Says gun owners don’t need a government permission slip to protect their God-given right. 296 words I am an ex-hindu atheist and wanted to ask one simple question 177 words Preachers Kid here- ask me some questions you have, (nonbelievers) 134 words I’m tired of identifying as an agnostic atheist. I think it is possible to know, objectively, if there is a god or not. 147 words Churches should be open for homeless 216 words losing hope in humanity 155 words AA is a Religious Trap 123 words Anybody else think agnostic/gnostic qualifiers are dumb? 183 words RBG didn’t stay on the court until she took her last breath so that we would sit on our asses & let republicans light our reproductive rights on fire. From city council to governor to senate, vote for democrats. Find your polling place, pick up your friends & vote. Go make Ruth proud. 169 words Boyfriend called me a neckbeard for saying ghosts don't exist. 222 words I don't give money to street beggars that have "God Bless" on their signs 140 words My wife gave birth to premature twins last year, they spent 47 and 50 days respectively in the NICU. The bill was huge, like a million dollars or something crazy. Her insurance covered everything, we paid nothing. Last month she had an IUD put in. We got a bill for 4K. 177 words It's so annoying when people say you will change your mind when you're older.