368 words Why is there a consensus among historians that Jesus existed? 164 words Richard Dawkins: I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world 185 words Pete Davidson was right, and he absolutely should not apologize to the Catholic Church. Anyone who still attends catholic services is complicit in worldwide child rape. Anyone who still pays tithes to the Catholic Church is helping fund cover ups and settlements for child rape. #CatholicValues 115 words Arguments that there is no god 170 words Why Are Religious People Relatively Logical When It Comes To Anything But Religion? 142 words Had an interesting conversation with a religious person (RP) today. 114 words West Virginia church fire: Not a single Bible was touched by the flames - CNN 237 words Arizona Atheist Lawmaker Stands Up To Christian Bully 173 words Thanking God for something a human clearly did is a massive insult to that person. 181 words How to make pro-life christians tell you that killing babies is good. 117 words I am Agnostic, proudly. And while I know this may not go over well, especially in here, I think devout Atheists sound just about as illogical as everyone who has ever tried to tell me about their religion. 255 words I didn't read all of this I just thought I'd share the link about a church pastor who committed suicide. 133 words 7-year old boy killed after court-appointed guardian punishes him for not knowing 13 bible verses 156 words ‘Pro-life’ forces send death threats to Virginia Democrats over abortion legislation 207 words I still can't get over Trump and the GOP wanting to teach Bible in public schools. The Bible contains a ton of awful shit, including gang rape (Lot offered his daughters), murder for pussy (David) and genocide (God even told them to kill their enemies livestock!) Totally suitable for children../s 139 words Did Atheism kill Morality? Can the the word and notion of Morality even exist in a world without a God? 151 words Burden of proof. Stop shifting it towards the atheist. 131 words Christians used to have real witch hunts but now they use the term "witch hunt" as if it's happening to them. 231 words Canada isn't exempt from crazy religious rules. Found out my daughter was raped 2 days ago. Hospital wont give morning after pill "because we're catholic" 303 words Its ironic how Jesus showed miracles to his disciples to make them believe in god, but want us to believe him just like that.