Preachers Kid here- ask me some questions you have, (nonbelievers)

I believe in the possibility of God, but I question why he doesn’t make himself known in such a way that everyone could simply say he’s real. Yet growing up around mostly just Christian’s, I’ve had more truly real talks with non-Christian’s and have shared more personal deeper stuff with any nonchristian friends than Christian’s.. and guess what? They’re beyond more understanding as well! It’s almost like they’re non judgmental and truly want what’s best for you in life, rather than having Christian friends tell me to just turn to something I’ve already read a dozen times that truly doesn’t add up.

Because I’ve seen through the straight BS 24/7. Not many kids can say that their preachers kids at my age, or at least are rational ones! Most end up staying in that brain washy mind and I think my awareness is what’s saved me from going to far down the Christian rabbit hole.. do you know what I’m trying to say?

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