I founded a new religion to help people circumvent voter suppression laws in the U.S. - AMA!

We are already dealing with people playing "make-believe" with their religious ideas. Why are you so against using their own nonsense against them?

I never said that. Please show where I said this.

You are caught on this one point without looking at the bigger picture. This is a giant middle-finger to all of the people that believe a "Creator" to be true. This "religion" is using the same tactics as the real churches to flip the script on those that discriminate against "others."

I feel like you're the one "caught up" here. I agree that this tactic could be useful But if you want to give a giant middle finger, why not join The Satanic Temple? Does the same things without mentioning any "Creator".

So what if you don't want to join. This group helps people while making a mockery of the status of religion in the legal world. Get off you high-horse and join in the fun of rubbing the religious' words back in their own faces.

Reddit is a public forum. I gave my opinion. I also wished them good luck. I was not condescending, I just offered my opinion.

What "high horse" are you referring to? You having a good time making things up, it seems.

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