is anyone else like the only atheist/sane person in their lives?

Hahaaaaa that must be so fuckin nice. My dad laughs at everything I say, even if I just don’t know something & ask what it is, he laughs at me, how he’s always been. Idk what’s funny about your daughter wanting to learn lol. He’s the bane of my existence. Does nothing but listen to Fox News, watch Karen’s & cops. He will defend any horrible thing conservatives do bc he just wants them to be right. He’ll do mental gymnastics to defend anything. He’s so brainwashed literally nothing that comes out of his mouth is agreeable, I can’t even stand to hear anything he says. I’m pretty sure he just exists to think he’s better than everyone & anyone else who’s different from him while being.. literally nothing truly. He’s nothing but a cog in the machine. I could go on forever.

I would say the worst thing about him is he has literally no empathy. He has no ability to actually feel anything when someone suffers. His mind immediately goes to “well why don’t you” & he can’t help, bc he has no idea what he’s talking about, bc he doesn’t have emotions. Everything terrible that happens is “that’s just life”.

Oh that shit about tradwives being exactly that.. housewives.. & the husband hardly helps, while watching his wife drown, for 40 years now, pretending he don’t see it. Pretending he doesn’t see any of the insanity, dishes, laundry, she handles EVERYTHING, appointments, bills, everything. To this day. He has literally voiced they wouldn’t have made it without her. He has her convinced he’s literally so mentally challenged he cannot handle anything. All these men do is work & shit. That’s their only contribution. Theyre fucking children. & considering how poor we’ve always been he should really be shamed for how shit of a job he did. Besides, why is your wife doing 50% of the MANS job? Your wife should NEVER work if you’re the conservative MAN you say you are.

Not to mention the fact I can be talking excitedly about something, suddenly be SCREAMED AT to STOP CUSSING, because I’m a woman & my father doesn’t wanna see his pretty baby girl have a dirty mouth. Energy gone, happiness dimmed, shine stolen. I have had to fight “boys don’t like loud girls” my entire life. I’ve fought my entire life to be myself. At this point he should be afraid of me bc he don’t do that shit anymore. I’m ranting now but this is what my daily live is living with an insane conservative. I literally sleep during the day & stay awake during the night because the moment he wakes up he’s so god damn loud, all day, can’t even make breakfast the moment I wake up without hearing Fox News or him yelling at the tv. I’m literally just lucky he’s not violent that’s the only thing he can even say about himself. Nah I’m sure he thinks he’s the gold standard of a man father & husband.

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