I’m tired of identifying as an agnostic atheist. I think it is possible to know, objectively, if there is a god or not.

Not completely valid in my opinion.

I am against any kind of religion and I am sure no kind of god exists. When asked if I believe in god, I say: "It's not that I don't believe in god, I KNOW there's no god."

But I've know people who are not religious but are still believers. They are neither atheists nor religious.

Usually, they say: "I believe in spirits, in the afterlife, in something beyond our material existence, but I am not part of any kind if religion or cult, I don't worship anything, I don't pray, I am just part of the universe just like everything else, I live as I want, I am not hoping for anything like hell or heaven after I die, but I believe there will be something more. "

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