Is Dawkins transphobic?

Bad evidence leads to bad conclusions.

Article 4, point C of the "Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights" he supported and asked everyone to sign.

(c) States should uphold the right of everyone to describe others on the basis of their sex rather than their ‘gender identity’, in all contexts. States should recognize that attempts by state agencies, public bodies and private organizations to compel individuals to use terms related to ‘gender identity’ rather than sex are a form of discrimination against women, and shall take measures to eliminate this form of discrimination.

According to this, if a private organization chooses to recognize trans people gender, that is discrimination agains women.

Cant get more obvious than this. It's like christian bigots claiming persecution when they cant discriminate against gay people. "Its ackutally discrimination against me when an online sign up form has a gender option".

Also, making a law to "uphold the right" of calling any woman "female" at any discution, in every context doesn't seem very pro women. What kind of fucked up right is that? Lets "uphold the right" of describing other by their race, sexual orientation, education level, or fitness level, in all contexts.

TERF are the baddiest! Doesnt he realise it?!

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