I am an ex-hindu atheist and wanted to ask one simple question


There are no contemporary accounts of anyone doing anything like the things Jesus is supposed to have done. Feeding thousands, walking on water, raising the dead should really get people's attention, but not one word was written down about it.

All the books of the New Testament were written as a result of the teaching of Saul/Paul who never met anyone Alles Jesus. He saw a light in the sky that spoke to him. The Bible books are fan fiction. When the New Testament was compiled at the Council of Nicea in 325 the books that told a story of God having a single son/personification were chosen because it suited the political purposes of Constantine who had reunified the Roman Empire. One God whose power and authority was embodied in one man.

Mosty of the stories attributed to Jesus are retellings of Old Testament stories with Jesus inserted in place of other prophets. A reboot, a heavily edited fan fiction reboot.

Other stories are just adding Jesus into existing stories from Judaism that never involved a person. At Passover Jewish communities would take two goats, give all the sins onto the animals, sacrifice one and drive the other into the wilderness. This is the story of the crucifixion. Jesus is sacrificed to purge the sins, and Barabus is driven away.

Joseph Campbell made a list of mythical figures and the stories attacked to them and scored them for particular events. King Arthur, Oedipus, Romulus, Jason, Hercules. They all have elements like uncertain parentage, portentous birth and dying on a hilltop. Jesus scores very highly.

And quite importantly, magic isn't real, so no god and no spiritually impregnated teenager. It's all made up and perpetuated by those who have something to gain from doing so.

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