A Quick Question Regarding Circumcision?

i was done as a teen and can only say it was a good thing. Had nothing to do with religion. Being uncircumcised caused me many issues which were eliminated by being circumcised. IMO being circumcised is cleaner, healthier and frankly feels better. It was a revelation to be honest. Coming from Europe, I can tell you that circumcision has huge religious stigma associated with it over there. Growing up there it was considered and ridiculed as a Jewish thing. So medically it is frowned upon and avoided. But when I moved to the US (when I was 10), I was rather surprised that pretty much everyone here was circumcised. The biggest difference I found is that circumcision is seen purely as a medical procedure. And given the benefits, it's become standard. Wether the extent of the benefits are worth getting it done is obviously up to discussion.

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