losing hope in humanity

thank you for sharing your feelings about this.. I feel very similarly, and it's really comforting to hear someone else expressing these feelings. I'm gonna use this comment primarily to vent.

Despite humanity's amazing technological feats, especially is the last few years with AI and everything, it's obvious that as a whole, we are still so so far behind in our growth as a species.

I can't honestly believe that religion is STILL a tool that's used by so many ignorant people, and even actual governments. 1500 years ago I would usderstand. 300 years ago, sure. but 2022??? it makes me so sad.

At this dreadful rate, I know none of us today are gonna be able to see humanity at it's peak of productivity and quality of life.

It's so sad that so many people are forced into such awful cultures and traditons. I wish I could save everyone of them.


I feel like the only way to be happy about my life on Earth at this time is to completely disregard the rest of humanity, and just live happily as a single human being (and my local friend groups). I wish we could be a powerful collective species, but unfortunately, most of us are still so primitive that it's not beneficial to work with them.

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