Biden proposes rule for transgender student athletes that allows for some restrictions, opposes categorical bans

I agree with this. Part of the issue muddying the waters is the “trans women are women” narratives that have successfully conflated sex and gender in the minds of a growing population.

Trans women are trans women and that isn’t something that we ought to shy away from - they are valid and legitimate and worthy of all the protections of any other citizen, but they are a distinct sex category, neither able to be considered truly male nor female.

Expanding our society’s norms to accommodate additional sex categories seems like a much better solution than trying to shoehorn trans issues and priorities into existing male/female issues and priorities and hope for the best.

What is the issue with having trans categories of sports? I fail to see an argument that isn’t itself indicative of a transphobia that seeks to erase the existence of trans-ness by assimilating the trans identity into the existing binary.

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