120 words Well what did you think of the Shadowlands Developer Update? 139 words r/wow Statement on Sexual Misconduct Allegations 147 words r/wow Statement on Sexual Misconduct Allegations 160 words r/wow Statement on Sexual Misconduct Allegations 116 words Since titans are susceptible to fel, why was Sargeras empowered by it? 138 words Am i the only one who thinks that Blizzard are focusing too much on random features and systems instead of actually making classes fun and interesting to play? 153 words War Mode should only give bonuses and rewards relevant to PvP 135 words Did the way blizzard handled corruption vendors make you less excited about Shadowlands? 357 words I'm worried about class design in Shadowlands. 189 words All new dungeon affixes for shadowlands! Oh wait... 209 words Shadowlands Alpha Interview with Ion 153 words Since Blizzard is updating/adding models, could we get some love for the Druid Cheetah form? 152 words I can't put a socket on a Ring that I just got from PvP - Is this a bug or intentional ? Does anyone know a fix ? 195 words It feels like I'm the only one who hates Horiffic Visions. 141 words Instead of power progression, Legion had cosmetics as incentives to participate in a variety of content. That’s the model that we should return to in Shadowlands. 132 words WoW Token confirmed for Classic in China. Will other regions follow? 160 words "At this point we're trying to make virtually everything we can account wide." - Ion Hazzikostas 2017 210 words Is the horde vs alliance conflict still relevant? 264 words Blizzard resets N'zoth during Limits best attempt 227 words I'm repping faction, race, and allegiance today