Season 2, let keys not deplete

This would increase the amount of players running keys though and the people on the top end would just be able to go even higher.

You have new players never getting a chance to get into keys or even attempt to push unless it’s their own key and they are so worried about it bricking that they will only take players who already complete it.

This opens it up more so that people would actually take a chance on people and pf would be open more.

Looking at pf and seeing only 2 24 keys in an hour long search feels terrible and if it’s your key you would never ever take a person unless they already timed a 24 of that key. So it’s a vicious cycle of no one ever inviting anymore. Which we all do. It makes it brutal for anyone trying to get into mythic plus.

You want people to play this game mode, not the same .5% of players doing the same high keys every season. I know I would like more groups up instead of applying to the one or two keys up and having to wait hours to see if my spot is open.

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