Healers just can't catch a break. M+ needs a rework.

I'm Honestly having a hard time THIS week, and im just a dps. Not playing what's considered high Keys either, between 6-9.

Got a full group almost instantly for my +9 CoS, and we couldn't time it. We got oneshotted left and right, i felt like our interrupt-game was kinda on point, and the ones i played with was premade due to them signing up as 4, plus none of them were under 1.7 rio, so i felt they had to be decent and know what they're doing to some degree. But nope... I think we had 25 deaths before the healer rage quit and that was it.

In shadowlands a +9 was nothing, not even when you were all a bit undergeared...Felt way less punishing fucking up 1-2 mechanics on such a low key. I hate to say it, but i enjoyes SL dungeons way more.

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