How to cope with players worse than yourself

I see a lot of people suggesting pugging but Raszageth pugging without aotc or mythic progress or good logs is gonna be hard IMO.

If you’re a high performer in your guild and you’re blue parsing then I feel like it would be a reasonable suggestion to ask the whole guild to do some log reviews or put some pulls in wipefest.

This way you can frame it as “hey we’re all not performing so hot, let’s sit down and look at the logs together and see where we can improve”. That way you don’t have to single anybody out but can still collectively fix some easy problems like consumables.

You could also just ask “this is progression are we expected to use consumables? I don’t want to keep wasting money if others aren’t.”

If they aren’t remotely interested in that and they’re fine wiping on H brood then I think you’ve just found yourself in a really casual guild (totally fine) and if that doesn’t interest you anymore then find a different place that matches your goals or start pugging because broodkeeper doesn’t hold a candle to the mechanics and personal responsibility of Rasz.

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