What made you main what you main currently?

Shadow Priest

Was a casual Hunter in Vanilla. In TBC I started running into Hunter hate. Like, battle ends, I’m OOM (we had mana back then). While drinking the healer rezzed my let for me and went into a tirade about lazy hunters expecting healers to rez pets before my man’s bar was even full. On my server hunters were the Flavor of the month, like once there were like seven of us and only hunters looking for a party in one dungeon. I decided it was time to change.

Switched to Paladin to tank. Got to 70 around SWP. Ran into issues getting Heroic geared pugging.

Switched to healer hoping it would be easier to slip into groups. Wrath was released. Second or third dungeon run in Nexus. Holy Priest me. Warlock, mage, two DKs.

The DKs are both trying to tank. Mage and Warlock are the de facto tanks. When they did it is Priest Tank time. The DKs admit this isn’t working. One of them is the party lead. They kick the mage, the highest DPS, and invite a Bear Druid. We now have three tanks, pulling different packs, and the Warlock pulls agro from all three. Warlock yells at me for not keeping him alive when several packs are targeting him.

Eventually we cleared. I decided I hate people now and switched to Shadow. Let someone else deal with healing pugs. I’m not rolling or leveling yet another class.

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