19 [F4M] Lotsa Mean Stuff

Here's some facts about me. I love dumb idiot sluts like you. I never talk to any of them in real life but when I jerk off or fuck my girlfriend, I think about girls like you. I think about how your body is a disappointment to any man you'll ever be with. I think about how your dad probably used to look your body and think about you, older, when jerking off until you got older and your body just became shit that he couldn't even jerk off too anymore.

I actually love a flat chest but I can't stand a flat ass. It just makes me want to fuck you more, though, because I may not be a model but at least I look good. You can't fix flat ass without surgery and who the fuck wants fake?

Your body literally makes me value you less and I bet you don't even have the strength to be sexy with your personality.

If I knew you in real life, I'd fuck you so much. I'd use your insecurity to have threesomes with a black man and tell him to cum in you. That would be my birth control for you so I could fuck you and just dump loads into your trash hole without worrying. Then, like your father left you, I would too, because fuck your issues. I have a life to lead.

You're my favorite fantasy. Send me pictures. I want to see your face, your pussy, your ass, everything. Show me your pink hole spread open waiting for my cock. Let me see your scars, idiot.

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