LPT - When at a pub in the U.K., if they serve food but the table has no cutlery or napkins set then you need to order at the bar.

Pretty much lol! The very hot is even worse, full of vinegar for some reason!

That's one of the reasons I don't like going to work events anymore. Years ago, we would all go for a nice Indian, somewhere really good that was recommended. People would order completely different dishes and we'd try everything, no matter how hot or wonderful it might be. Now, we have to choose the blandest corporate chain restaurant to suit the tastes of the younger members of staff (20-25 age range).

There's definitely been a change in habits amongst the younger generation, not just food. Although there's been awesome improvements in equal rights (Gay guy so loving it!), at 35 I'm starting to appreciate that something is amiss with the millennials. No partying, no fun, no adventure, no looking happily to the future - nothing. The trends seems to be: try hard at college, try hard at university, maintain bland corporate facade so we look good to employers, ensure social media shows how awesome your life is - repeat.

I never thought I'd become "that old guy" who moaned about modern life, yet here I am. As a true 90's chap, I can't help thinking that we got a really good deal as far as decades go.

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