20 [F4M] Vancouver/Portland - Oi, this is going to be rough

Um Hi there, my name is Michael. I was born and raised in Portland. I am 22, 5'8 and I was once described by a child as "big and huggable, like a one of those teddy bears you win at the fair", I take it as a compliment. I'll take a food cart over a gourmet meal anyday. I always try to be honest and to make people laugh, which I've been told I'm good at. I also happen to smell nice, dress nice and am not a hipster. :) hello

Last year I landed an apprenticeship in the construction trade. Working with my hands all day is incredibly satisfying and the knowledge and wisdom that I learn from my older coworkers is very fulfilling. Having to be at work by 6 in the morning can get tiring though.

My taste in music is all over the place. Hip hop, Classic Rock, as well as newer rock, Electronica and some Metal. I love talking to people about music. Finding a great new artist is like striking gold. I live and die by Spotify.

As I've gotten older I love horror movies and movies that can surprise me and make me cheer out loud. Like Oculus and Django Unchained.

I like spending time going through clothing racks at my local Goodwill looking for cool jackets, going on long hikes (Portland has so many good trails), watching my favorite TV shows on Netflix. They have me hooked like fish on a line but the hook tastes so good!

I've been a gamer all my life, starting with my beloved Playstation 1 and three years ago I switched to PC from a 360 and haven't looked back. I don't get to game as much as I would like to since I started my job last year but I would like to make room for some. I've only played a little bit of WoW (not even level 40) and I've never played a Moba. I enjoy a good Fps and puzzle/platformer/action games. I also love an RPG that has expansive character builds for repeat playthroughs.

I would like to know more about you if your interested?

P.S. I've got your back against those pesky crack heads. :)

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