Older Redditors who were fuck-ups, C-students, sufferers of existential crises, etc... How did your life end up?

I got pregnant my senior year in high school by a 24 year old unemployed man. Sounds terrible to put it like that.

Actually, my husband had just left the military and was job hunting. The age difference sounds bad but I was more "world wise" than him so we were kind of on the same level. It was scary but I knew he'd take care of me and stick by me. That I never doubted.

My 20s were very difficult. I had health problems that were ignored by doctors. The stress to be a wife and mother on top of feeling too shitty to do anything broke me.

It was a surreal experience. Doing nothing but basic tasks and staring at a wall just thinking for years. It's weird looking back on how warped my thinking patterns got because of the lack of interaction. And the interaction I had with my siblings and parents was toxic and constant. My husband tried to help me but I all but hit him to keep him from doing it. The fights were intense.

Two things helped me. The desperately needed surgery and quality therapy. It took forever to find the one that clicked, but when it happened it was magic.

I hated my life story because I didn't get to experience life like other people and I was ashamed of it. Now I see the value in it and appreciate the perspective it has given me. I don't expect things anymore. I don't expect people on welfare to get jobs. I don't expect mothers to not scream at their kids. These sorts of things that will anger other people. It's not right to do those things, but I empathize with it and show those people respect. I've found a lot of peace in that.

I'd say I'm a completely different person now. Normal middle class mother, married 13 years, great kids, the whole nine. I feel fantastic mentally and physically. My immediate family has had their own growth and well and we have a very close relationship now.

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