[EP3 SPOILERS] Am I the only one that doesn't want a Max and Chloe romance?

Though the majority of LIS fans won't, I agree with you.

I must admit, before the game even released, I semi-shipped Chloe and Max. But after hearing Chloe talk about Rachel and seeing their secret hideaway in the junkyard, it's clear that Chloe has deep feelings for her. Although, Rachel might not reciprocate (as we see in Ep3 when Max and Chloe break into Frank's RV) those feelings, they're still there.

It can't be denied that Chloe is crushing on Max, but I don't think it's genuine, not in the way she is with Rachel. I think what most people who ship ChloexMax forget that Max saved Chloe's life. Chloe thinks Max is her saviour. I think Chloe is just starstrucked by Max saving her life and having these cool new powers. To her, Max is a new flavor in her bland life. Before Max showed up and after Rachel disappeared, Chloe's days probably consisted of getting high, partying, drinking, mourning her father, hating her step-douche, and doing donuts with her truck. Max is just something exciting and new to her.

I think Max and Warren should be together not only because I ship them, but everyone else in Blackwell thought so too. You hear Dana comment to Max about Warren a few times, Brooke always makes it a point in your conversations with her (not to mention she also sees you as competition as she tries to win Warren), Chloe teases Max about him in the pool, if you don't kiss Chloe, she says "I'll make sure to tell Warren that you're saving yourself for him", and even when Max enters the alternate timeline, it's pointed out that Warren hooked up with Stella (which seems very weird to highlight, considering the bigger changes: Vortex Club, David, and Chloe, of course).

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