The trap is set...

Forgive the somewhat rudeness, but I wanted to mimic the tone and format of your comment so you would see what it is like to be on the recieving end:

"Seriously? How much of a dick to you have to be to do THIS kind of shit. Going off on redditors (of which you are one), people with social anxiety, and people with autism for no real reason. I wouldn't want to run into a person like you in real life. Does it make you somehow feel better about yourself when you degrade others?"

I have friends that are autistic, and hearing someone speaking in that tone say "I wouldn't want to run into aspies like OP" makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine someone with asperger's syndrome reading your comment. So much ingrained insensitivity and prejudice towards the mentally ill just because you don't like people that are "awkward". It wouldn't be socially acceptable to say you're uncomfortable around an amputee because they don't have limbs. So why do people think it's okay to do that to people with mental illnesses? Their illness, which they have no control over and can't change, makes you uncomfortable. But because it's mental, and not physical, that somehow makes it okay.

Why couldn't have you just said: "This is why I never acknowledge the existence of reddit in real life: I wouldn't want to run into 'redditors or people' who will probably talk about bacon and narwahals and try to meme me to death".

That gets the exact point of yours across, without needlessly or accidentally insulting anyone. There is no need to include the words 'socially awkward' or 'aspies' at all, they are completely irrelevant and paired with your comment, only carry negative connotations and prejudice towards the mentally ill.


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