[WP] When one turns 18, a number appears on your back. The number gives you a superpower of a certain level of power. The higher the number three more powerful your superpower is. You wake up on your 18th birthday with the infinity symbol on your back.

There were more high-levelled emergences on Tuesday. Still none though which came from beyond the city borders, as if for this moment, fate decided that nothing matters more about who gets which powers at which level than the landkreis and school district of residence. The media was all on top of this, and school was bustling with excitement. Everyone, especially the younger students imagined how shiny and amazing powers they would receive. Some people in the class you go to however feel cheated: What good is being a 9 (and despite probably a hinderance later in life, the parallel universe that is school operates on the rule of cool and as such, higher numbers and flashy powers are always better) when just about everyone reaches a higher level by just being born later? You felt this slight dissapointment everywhere, like a background task that is slowly gaining more resources. Kevin's group were the first ones to escalate the issue. Bernd attacked Gökhan, a new 115, who stated that he didn't know his power yet. First verbally, but after Gökhan chose not to react to the spoken manure, Bernd attacked with a gust of water directly into mouth and nose of Gökhan. Without a second thought, you shield Gökhan from the attack. Gökhan looks around in confusion, his eyes land on you, you nod to his unspoken question and lift the field. He looks at Bernd with a look of sheer disgust and walks past him to class. The vague group around Kevin cannot have that, and from what you can later puzzle together from eyewitnesses and police reports, launch an attack on Gökhan. There were other things involved in this than just the power, Gökhan supposedly stole Bernd's girlfriend, Bernd definitely had racist sentiments. And more will be known once the group gets back from 5 different eastern European nations. Apparently, Gökhan's power of spatial displacement kicked in quite erratically.

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