League of Legends player admits to stalking and swatting multiple victims in the US and Canada, shuts down Space Mountain twice

Throwaway for obvious reasons... but when I saw this title, I thought someone I knew finally got caught, but it wasn't him. This proves that there are tons and tons of crazy people like this, sadists who like to cause misery in other people's lives.

I met someone from league, and I only meant to be a friend. He liked me way more than a friend and was also way older. After I denied him, he was too persistent. I learned of what he could do, DDoS, swatting, shutting down almost anything on the internet, I noped the fuck out of there. He wouldn't have. I stopped replying to his messages literally a few hours, and he had already dox'ed me and was ready to expose all the info. I talked him out of it, and managed to stay safe for a bit. I did not want to interact with this person at all.

Being the psychopath he was, he started making up reasons to get me to keep talking to him. Apparently a big time hacker was going to swat me according to his sources, for no apparent reason. Something was fishy, but it checked out. I randomly had high ping sometimes, ping that was not the type of internet lag I would usually get, or Riot lag. I had a friend look stuff up for me, and I found out who was really ddosing me, some kid who got paid to do it from someone who held a grudge from a different game I used to play. It was just a convenience that these two events happen to be together. So I knew who ddosed me, and he stopped after my friend found out. This psycho guy kept trying to convince me it was his friend who was a big time hacker and was gonna swat me in the next few days. He asked questions like do you trust me, are you just gonna use me, just trying to get my trust stuff. Again, nope'd out of there as soon as I could. I had to delete almost everything I had on the internet to get away from this guy. I still probably havent completely left his mind, but it's close enough.

Moral of the story: BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR INFORMATION. Especially if you frequent social media and content creating. Anyone can get targeted. Don't be too friendly with people you've just met, and don't share your skype to everyone. Use a proxy if you are. Don't use your full name with your online alias. Separate bank accounts for if you are trying to make a living off the internet. Avoid sharing information that is specific to you. It's a headache when you have to deal with all this. Just prevent it before it gets to you.

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