Cathy Young | Washington Post | "Feminists want us to define these ugly sexual encounters as rape. Don’t let them."

Please find me the place where I stated that victim complexes are justified or you're just arguing a strawman now. Having empathy and understanding is an entirely separate concept from supporting.

I'm not saying she's rational. I'm not saying she's right. I'm saying that these situations happen and ought to be understood and addressed; they aren't going to just go away because we tell women to "man up" and act like responsible adults.

So, for men who are in relationships vs. those who aren't. To use a completely arbitrary number, lets say that there's a tiny town with exactly 40 men living in it, 2 of whom are rapists (ignore the logic; this is just for numbers' sake). A woman goes on a date with a man in this tiny town. Her odds of going on a date with a rapist are 5%, right? Wrong. Of those forty men, thirty are in LTRs and therefore not currently in the dating pool. This reduces her dating pool to ten men. However, neither of her rapists are married. Her probability is, in fact, 20%, since of the ten men two are rapists. To put it simply, people who suck at relationships are more likely to be looking for a new one, and people who suck at relationships may also suck at consent. Using a population stat to define the odds of one woman's encounter is ignoring a huge number of variables. Furthermore, statistics should never be applied to an individual at all.

And, to cap it off, the hypothetical woman we're talking about is very much in a high-risk group due to her victim complex and lack of social skills and common sense. Think about it like this: statistically speaking the number of alien spaceship sightings means that the average American will see something like five in their lifetime. This is a bad interpretation of data since, in truth, the majority of Americans will never see a single one, but a small but significant subset will claim to see thousands. Predators are very good at spotting people with underlying issues and exploiting them, so if this woman is as delusional as to think the risk of refusing a man and refusing a grizzly bear are equal, we can assume that this fact becomes readily apparent to people who might want to take advantage of her. To put simply, she is not indicative of the whole nor an average member of society nor normal- but she does pose a problem that concerns everyone.

See, you're still confusing the entire western culture with your own personal experiences. I hate to break it to you, but there are hundreds of millions of other people out there having sex, so sometimes people just aren't talking about you. You can understand this, really. I believe in you.

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