I'm sorry if it sucks I'm not a good writer

"So do you?" Death said as he handed me a piece of paper. I started at it frighten about what I would see. My hands tremble and my face went white. My heart beating. I looked at the photo and saw a picture of one of my teacher. Ms. Mcking. My heart beated beated faster. Wait, so she had a crush on me? My old grade 12 teacher? She was really cute. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was young af and had a nice body. I was like "Please send Ms. Mcking in!" I said excitedly. Death looked at me and had a concern look in this eyes and said "Um, are you sure bro?" I said yes yes I do. Death was still had a nervous sound in thie voice and said "Um, oh ok let her in!" Than she came but she didnt look the same she looked quite older than i imagine like really really old. I screamed MMMYYYY EEEEYYYYEEEESSSS OOOOHHHHH GGGGOOOOODDDDD MMMMMYYY EEEYYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!! My eyes started to burn i became blind. I could hear death screaming and puking and i saw him burst into ashes

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