30 [F4M] PNW - Playful, cerebral submissive/masochist seeks lasting love and fond torment.

Hi, responding to the r4r post...hope you're keeping on top of your responses.

Uhhh, I'm curious here? Full disclosure, I don't live in the PNW but I do travel there every few weeks for work... So I wouldn't expect any immediate sort of thing to come out of this. I'm mostly looking for some conversations about this whole ordeal first if that would be something that interests you or something you can find time for. Maybe evolve to a cup of coffee if we're both comfortable? I haven't been in a LTR in several years, and I can be forward about the interim at another point in time if that gets called for. I'm 9/10 qualified per your posted interests, only lacking in the experience department. But, between you and me, I'll just lie about that and you'll be none the wider. Uh, wiser. Autocorrect. Not married, no kids, d&d free etc.

Hope to hear from you!

PS, if you want to keep honesty the priority, even outside of kinks, I'm for that too... respond with a good question that you might be uncomfortable to hear the answer too.

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