38[F4M] Nerdy dilettante ISO of older nerdy gentleman

Hey Married Lady...I'm a married buy and I am 40+. I love average looking women with average bodies...they are the sexiest because they are the most natural. I have a great sense of direction...so we would never get lost at least.

I grew up on the West Coast in the Los Angeles area but now live on the East Coast. Been married for a pretty long time. I love Classic Rock and Classic Pop Rock...so not sure if that is considered good taste or bad taste...but it's my taste at least. My sense of humor is a bit sarcastic...and I never miss an opportunity for a one-liner. I'm not much of a joke teller...just adhoc sarcasm when I can. I love wine although not at all a snob...let's face it...I'll drink anything.

I know your post is over 20 days old but thought I would do as you said...shoot you a message. Let's see where this goes :) (Wow..that was so unoriginal on my part...yet it somehow made me smirk).

My annoying habit is that I use "..." way too much. And I can quote movie lines just before they are said even if it's been 10 years since I've seen the movie. A useless talent...


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