37 [F4M] England, looking for something meaningful online.

Well it’s about 4:00 am where you right now but when you wake up, good morning. I’m across the Atlantic and would like to chat. The odds of us meeting in person are extremely low courtesy of Covid, but hey, I’m down with just chatting on here. Next time I make it to the Cotswolds, I’ll see what can happen though. Size doesn’t bother me and I can be your daddy if you be my sweet little girl that I can praise when you do things well and talk to when I can. I have no no piercings but do have freckles at times and love them on women. Im 6 ft tall, shaved head but a salt n pepper beard/goatee at times, hazel eyes, and I’m 240 lb (dadbod). I’m part Irish and Scottish and fun fact, I’m related to Mary and Anne Boleyn by marriage some 14 times ago. I guess since Mary had bastard children with King Henry the VIII, that means I’m related to the King by marriage as well? So Queenofbrats, I’m your KingofBastards. Oh, and if age matters, I’m 41.

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