"700 million people are smarter than you." may sound like an insult, but it would put you at the 90th percentile.

Wrong. The research around inherited intelligence isn't super solid, but we know for a fact that a huge percentage of what we perceive as intelligence is from upbringing. Kids who go to college tend to have well off parents who were likely also educated and were already familiar with the admissions process. I know some kids in my university that were taking Calculus BC their sophomore year and scored straight 5s on their AP tests. I got a 1 on mine and I took it as a senior because I came from a pretty shitty high school. I've managed to work my way up to scoring straight As on all my chems, cals, phys, etc. without much effort.

Moral of the story is that you're likely not stupid, you just have a mediocre hand when you thought you had a good one. Honestly 85% of success in college is determined by your effectiveness of study. Look up YouTube videos on how to study effectively for a good couple of hours. Every kid I've had tell me that they thought they were hudtstupid

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