Advice - S/O deactivated Facebook. Shady behavior.

<div class="md"><p>How do you feel about her and why? </p> I guess you could say that i feel threatened in a sense. Like i don't understand why he would seek out a woman like that when he already has me.

<p>Why did you want him to delete her from FB?</p> I don't know her personally, but from what I've seen, She's one of those types of women who puts their sexuality on display. Busty photos, suggestive comments, super flirtatious.

<p>How old is everyone here?</p> I'm 27, he's 26 and she's 30.

<p>How long have you two been together?</p> My s/o and i have been together for three years.

<p>Why don't you trust him?</p> I've caught him in the past soliciting pictures from women he knew.

<p>Why are you with him if you don't trust him?</p> he's a good man, and he treats me well. I love him dearly, and i see a future with him. Its just the dishonesty that concerns me.

<p>If you are doing dishonest things like invading his privacy, why do you think he should be held to a higher standard than you?</p> </div> i understand that I'm not innocent. I knew what i did was wrong, but i felt the need to look. I've been honest with my snooping, and he seemed understanding. I just want the truth from him the first time. I give him the same respect whenever he asks.

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