Trade one of the players on your team's current roster for someone with the same first name. How many more (or less) wins does your team get?

They lost Bogut, Barnes, Ezeli, Speights and Barbosa.

But besides gaining the aforementioned Durant, what about Zaza, West?

Kevin Durant drastically upgrades both our 3 and 4 positions. He will play power forward for significant stretches this season.

Bogut is still one of the best rim protectors in the league, there's no doubt about that. His overall basketball IQ has him at least top 5 in the league amongst bigs, and arguably 3rd behind the Gasol brothers in passing. And those screens...muah! But, he can't stay on the court for more than 20 minutes per game on a good day, and only 15 of those minutes are high energy. It's understandable considering the litany of injuries he's faced, but come springtime, Bogut looks like he's in pain @ tip-off. Fuck, I wish him all the best in Dallas and am sad to see him go, but it was the correct financial move.

Ezeli has always shown flashes, but the only thing worse than his inability to catch and hold onto a basketball is his inability to remain healthy. The poor guy has had chronic knee and lower leg issues. Hopefully Portland's medical staff will take good care of him.

Mo Speights has been replaced by David West. What we lose in a polarizing stretch 5, we gain in interior play, veteran leadership, and overall toughness. Mo's a fan favorite, and adding 3s to his repertoire this past season was awesome...but I would take West over Speights, even at this stage of their careers, based on our roster needs. You'd think I'd be conflicted here, but looking at our squad, I'm spoiled enough to hope Speights has a terrific season, confident that the Warriors will still dominate the Clippers.

Leandro will be missed. Despite having a bit of a drop-off in overall play/efficiency this past season, we won't be able to replace what he brought to our backcourt depth...speed. The man could make a layup attempt out of anything. Is his loss enough for this off-season to have hindered GSW's depth, though? I'd say no.

In the end, I think the Warriors come out on top by a significant margin. Lost Bogut, Barnes, Ezeli, Speights, Barbosa. Added Durant, West, Zaza, potentially McGee (I know, I know). Last year's first round pick Kevon Looney will be returning from hip surgery around the same time this year's first round selection Damian Jones should be good to go from his shoulder procedure (December), and let's not forget our 2nd round pick and Summer League standout Patrick McCaw.

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