[Advice] Girl I've been texting says she loves creampies?

I wasn't so lucky. When I was younger, I slept around a lot. One girl I was "seeing" told me that she wanted me to nut in her, even before we even had sex for the first time.

Obviously, being the idiot that I am, I dropped my trousers and did the deed. It felt glorious. It wasn't my first time going bareback, but it was the first time in a long time.

Fast forward a week after I get from a trip out of town and my dick is on fire every time I piss. I didn't want to believe she gave me something as I was still seeing her, but the pain was too much to ignore. Found out I had chlamydia and took some antibiotics for it.

Then about a month later, I see this weird bump on the shaft of my johnson. I thought it was a bug bite or maybe a skin tag and thought nothing of it. Few days pass and I notice these weird dots all over my thighs and more on my dick.


Went to another doctor as I was too embarrassed to go back to the same one. He told me I had MCV. That doctor told me that the only way to treat it is with lasers and that it will scar my dick. He also said that he would treat me right on the spot "to help me out". He also said that he only took cash payments, but would give me a discount as he felt bad for me.

It was 500 per treatment and I needed at least 10 passes to get rid of it all.

While it was a huge sum of money, I thought that the sooner I did it, the better. I didnt want any of the girks ive been seeing to see what was going on diwn there and spread rumors to other people. So I was just about to go through with it, when I decided to look up this doctor on my Blackberry. Internet was really slow in those days and it took several minutes to look this guy up. Good thing I did. Shit you not, 5 minutes before the procedure the review site finally pope up and it said that he was a fraud and that he took advantage of people in a vulnerable situation. One review even outlined the same exact problem as me (MCV) and that his "treatment"didn't even work. More growths popped up and all it did was scar the hell out of him. I got the hell out of there, demanded a refund and left (they voided out my credit card transaction).

Found out that the outbreak was easily treated with Tea Tree Oil and that there was no need for lasers. I bought a bottle of the oil and applied on my dick and thighs every night. Took a couple weeks, but it all cleared up and it never came back.

Moral of the story is, wrap up your shit. A few moments of pleasure isn't worth having your dick burn like you're pissing lava, then have a colony of weird looking pimples grow on it. Then almost be scammed out of $5K by a doctor that you're supposed to be able to trust.

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