IamA Female Afghanistan veteran and current anti-poaching advisor ("poacher hunter") AMA!

i've volunteered at a cheetah orphanage in south africa - keep that in mind as you read, i know what im talking about: dont twist my words, there sport (reefshadow). somalian pirates are people who also merely and quite literally have nothing/they have dirt. they both deserve to die all the same. fuck em. poachers are just pirates on land. there ARE people getting RICH AS FUCK off animal parts and poaching but it isn't the peons who go out and do the footwork to get the animal parts, those are just the grunts. much like dealing drugs, the guy on the corner isn't getting rich, he might make enough to pay some bills and has more than he would doing nothing but he still lives in a shit situation. poachers that get blown away by rangers and our girl Kinessa are the equivalent of the dude standing on the corner slingin rocks. much like the drug dealing analogy there is some sort of kingpin somewhere who is making all the money off the grunts doing the footwork. rhino horns are worth more than gold, platinum, oil, coke, and heroin. the real problem is indeed educating people however, it is quite difficult to change an entire culture in asia. just like Kinessa says the MOST IMPORTANT THING NOW IS DIRECT ACTION TO PREVENT POACHING BY DOING WHAT KINESSA IS DOING. by the time asia wakes up and smells the coffee and comes to terms with the fact rhino horns really are just made out of the same shit human finger nail clippings are made out of (keratin or karatin. sound it out and google it im not a thesaurus) there wont be any animals left to protect. in fact, you know whats ironic? the poachers who are doing the footwork are usually native to some african country. a lot of them know a fucking rhino horn isnt going to cure any sickness and its all bullshit. but you know what? they dont give a fuck because some dumb chink in asia is willing to pay them like $70k a kilo for rhino horn and like i said...these are people who have nothing. these are people who have dirt and thats it. they're totally willing to fuck up their wildlife and make rare species to go extinct because for them its either that or starve. its that or dont get their kids medicine since pretty much every black person there has HIV/AIDS or maleria or some shit. EVEN MORE ironic is the chinks in asia (im summing up all asians under the word chink. blow me.) even are sometimes willing to admit that they know keratin doesn't actually cure cancer or erectile dysfunction but chinks (all asians) are so caught up on fucking status and status symbols and appearing affluent, even more than westerners (i have several friends from oriental countries like china and vietnam and japan, it is what it is) that they dont give a fuck if it doesnt work because putting rhino horn powder in their tea when their friends and family come over gives them status. fuck them all. fuck the chinks paying for this shit. fuck the nigs who go out there and chainsaw a rhino or elephants face off or skin lions, leopard, and cheetah and whatever else for their pelt or who knows what. i hope rangers put holes in all of them.

TLDR; you're twisting my words. direct action is the best course to save our planet's wildlife. the fact they're poor doesnt excuse the fact they're ruining the planet. kingpins are getting rich off poaching but the guys doing the footwork/hunting are not. educating people wont help because a lot of them know animal parts dont work its just for status and to get paid by the time they give a shit and their ENTIRE culture changes itll be too late for the wildlife.

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