Advice on where to learn programming?

Hiya, I'm finishing study for an Open Polytech course - all online for NZ Diploma for Web Development and Design (Level 5). This diploma is currently covered under TTAF, with all fees covered until 31 December 2022.

I can give some thoughts on the OP course material but not on the job market. Can't speak for other courses.

For learning programming, the courses are basic. * The diploma has basically done intro classes to: C#, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. * I already knew Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript at a basic level going in, so pieces of cake. * I'd recommend self-study if you want to learn programming proper

The courses aren't super well laid out. One course might teach you about arithmetic operators and if/else trees for C#, only for those to be covered again for 3 other languages. The same points on web security is covered in 3 separate courses. The positive is that it makes assignments easier (and assignments take work!)

I'm glad I will have the diploma on my CV (for free too!) but I don't think a diploma is enough. I'm now actually looking to try a full Bachelor of CompSci or IT out of my own interest (as well to chuck it on the CV).

I'd say if you're working full-time and wanted a cert on your CV, you could pick up one course a trimester (6 courses/ 2 years). I definitely learnt more before the course with self-study - I'd agree with everyone to pick a project like a website to plan and complete, but it'll be nice to flash a diploma on the CV.

Happy to try answer any questions

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