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Yes, the two agents are easily separated. One is more supportive and the other is more aggressive but Skye's blind can provide information and blind a larger area than Breach Besides, each hand is given one bird for free and costs $100$

Breach's E and C capabilities are not functional, they are much more situational

So breach's flash capabilities should be better than skye's, cheaper

Although Skye is a support agent, his aggressive games have become very popular (BBL MUJ)

How logical do you think it is?

You can shoot with both of the blind of Breach or Skye, they're both three. Yes, breach has a longer blind time, but skye's is wider. Skye can give information with her birds And skye's birds are much more economical

And besides, skye can heal her friends, give her wolf information.

You said Skye was on the upgrade radar, so you're going to have to give breach a much bigger upgrade than you did before.


Breach' 'e' and 'c' skills aren't as good as Skye's wolf and health skills, although they can both hit three men with three flashes, and skye does it more economically.

It should definitely be balanced

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