AI & Pandora’s Box

Especially when you consider that someone trying really hard to fool you won't just run things through the latest software, they will spend time touching it up

I'm saying that each time someone touches up and advances something, I've now been exposed to the touched up and advanced version of that thing and will be able to adapt and compare it to the real thing it's trying to emulate.

Lets say we go back to November 2004 and ask someone to tell us how they know Naked Snake is not a real photo of a person.

They would list off all the ways they can tell the difference. If you then gave them a photo from the 2012 Nitendo 3DS remake of [Naked Snake], they would need to take a bit longer but they would eventually be able to make a new list on how they can tell it's not a real person. We then show a photo of Naked Snake/Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC from 2015, they will take even longer now but still be able to tell us why it's not a real person in the photo.

I'm going to be able to distinguish what makes a person and what doesn't even if you throw technology from 10 years in the future in front of me right now.

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